eXcellence Lies Near Color. Color is emotion. Sound is emotion. Shape, movement, texture, frequency, all of reality comes from emotion. We are connected to our surroundings by how we are affected by them and how we affect them. We are the source of our reality. And through art and creation anything is possible. This is what XLNC means to us. Each member has their own specific perspective of XLNC which we all bring together to create something that's more than the sum of its parts. And we believe through focusing on the positive we can make serious change that the world desperately needs.

We live the life of the one who seeks knowledge, awareness, inner peace and higher understanding. And through our art we represent each of our own unique perspectives of this reality.


XLNC is an ever changing and evolving concept that has no single meaning. It is the love of art, creation, observation, connecting people to the source and of course love itself.


XLNC is a way for us to find inner peace by finding what we most truly wish to create in this world. Through inner peace we believe outer peace will become possible for the world we live in.


This reality is of self discovering and XLNC is embracing every bit of our souls’ wants and needs and expressing it in our own individual yet collective frequencies.


About XLNC

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